School Groups

Celebrate the end of another long school year at the Lilac Resort. Enjoy the exciting activities and amenities that only the often imitated (but never duplicated) Lilac Resort can offer.


The safety of your students is our first priority. For this reason, we ask that all students remain within the confines of our fenced in area, encompassing the water park, restrooms, change rooms and Willie’s Snack Shack. Students wishing to use the basketball courts or the beach volleyball courts or make purchases at the office must be accompanied by a teacher or supervisor. The pools and waterslides are lifeguard patrolled, and all pool staff is certified in CPR and First Aid.

Guaranteed number of guests

It is important that we receive an estimated number of students and adults upon booking and to secure a guaranteed number 3 working days in advance of your event. This will ensure that we do not exceed our capacity, and that we are properly staffed. Please call the morning of your event to confirm the number of guests attending. This will ensure that the correct number of wristbands are prepared for your arrival. Full payment is due upon arrival from one member of your group.

All wristbands will be issued on the bus and must be worn upon park entry

This provides for a smoother transition into our park and shorter orientation period providing school groups with more time to enjoy our facilities. Everyone arriving (whether arriving individually or on bus) must be wearing a wristband that is visible on the wrist to the pool staff prior to entering the WaterPark. Anyone not wearing a school group wristband will be charged our regular admission price. The Lilac Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen wristbands.

We strongly suggest everyone arrives together

This will allow for efficient entry into our park. If there are parents who will be arriving in their own vehicles they must be included in your head count and pre-paid as part of your total. Please note that parking is limited.

Tasty food from Willie’s Snack Shack is available

Please notify our office if your group will be purchasing their lunch through Willie’s Snack Shack, so we can be appropriately staffed to better serve you. BBQ’s can be supplied at a fee of $30.00 (as per Manitoba Department of Health regulations a food handling permit is required by a teacher or supervisor if preparing food for students). Please note BBQs are only allowed outside the pool perimeter. Students are welcome to bring their own bag lunches.

No outside catering permitted.

What if you need to cancel?

When you make your reservation, a deposit will not be required. If there is a need to cancel, please notify our office so we may free your reserved date for other interested parties. If cancelling same day due to weather, please advise us as soon as possible so we may notify our pool and concession staff. We can not guarantee rain dates.


$15.00 per guest, GST included

Above rates valid for June 2020 school season.
Rates for school bookings made for a future year are subject to change, when possible a notice will be sent.
Proper swimwear required to use water park facilities.
Gazebo Rental Available: Please call for pricing. 48 hours notice required for cancellations.

Supervisors/Teachers are free, based on the following:
One teacher per each group of 25 students

Plus one additional adult supervisor free for every:
Four Grade K students
Six Grade 1 – 4 students
Eight Grade 5 – 8 students
Twelve Grade 9 – 12 students

There will also be no charge for an adult supervisor where there are students age 6 or under, or any students who are non-swimmers and it’s required that an adult supervisor is in the water within arms reach. If you have more supervisors than the allowable ratio, the school rate will apply to the additional supervisors.