Seasonal Terms and Conditions

We appreciate your patronage and shall try in every friendly, reasonable way to make your stay at Lilac Resort both pleasant and comfortable. 

Lilac Resort is privately owned and the Management makes and enforces the Terms and Conditions. Written for your general welfare, safety, and enjoyment, to assure a pleasant living environment, these Terms and Conditions take effect as of January 1, 2006 and were amended on January 1, 2010, April 1, 2012, April 1, 2013, April 1, 2014 and April 1, 2015.

The Management and staff at the Lilac Resort are trained to administer our rules fairly to all Residents to assure that a few thoughtless people do not disturb your summer home.



As used in these Terms and Conditions,
“Arrival Date” means the first night that the Seasonal Agreement begins;
“Management” means the owner, officers, manager or other agent of the Resort;
“RV” means the recreational vehicle or camping unit that will be parked on the Site;
“Resident” means the person or persons leasing the Site from the Resort;
“Resort” means Lilac Resort Ltd. and/or the physical property;
“Seasonal Agreement” means the lease agreement between the Management and the Resident;
“Site” means the physical property that the Resident is leasing;
  • To protect your privacy and ensuring that your personal information remains confidential. (A copy of our Privacy Policy is available at the office or by visiting our website).
  •  To enforce the Terms and Conditions of Lilac Resort Ltd. and help all residents understand the importance of observing these Standards.
  •  To provide safe, comfortable living conditions to all Residents in Lilac Resort.
  •  To give Service.
  •  To assure you of accessibility to Management.
  •  To listen and respond to Residents’ needs and wants in a timely and direct manner.
  •  To provide the highest quality activities program.
  •  To have cheerful employees who care about your needs and are eager to give assistance whenever needed.
  •  To provide security for the wellbeing of our Resort and its Residents.
  •  To be honest, forthright and direct in all communications with Residents.
  •  To follow our mission “To create happy campers” in treating all our Residents fairly and to give the respect you all deserve.
  • To know, understand, and observe the Terms and Conditions of Lilac Resort as listed to the fullest degree, which will ensure every Resident of a comfortable, happy, and carefree “vacation home.”
  • To enjoy and protect your facilities.
  • To have a good, safe stay and to enjoy all Lilac Resort has to offer.
  • To bring to Management’s attention any concerns or questions.

Lilac Resort is a Family Recreational Vehicle Resort designed for the enjoyment of those who wish to maintain healthy, active minds and bodies; where Residents are leasing an atmosphere and a way of life as much as physical property. These extensive facilities and activities are possible only in a resort of high density occupancy. In order to maintain the desired high quality of life, certain Terms & Conditions have been adopted. Lilac Resort wants to maintain a neat and orderly appearance and operate a resort which allows each resident the maximum freedom possible without interfering with the rights and enjoyment of others. The following Terms & Conditions are established as a condition of occupancy. When in doubt about specific Rules please, “ASK”

Seasonal Activity Bracelets: At the commencement of each year Residents are required to bring the activity bracelets they were issued from the previous season to the Resort office to exchange for new activity bracelets they will be receiving at the start of every season. Six seasonal activity bracelets will be provided to Lilac Resort Residents and must be worn on the wrist at all times when using facilities and attending activities. Children 3 years of age and under are not required to wear an activity bracelet. For security reasons, if you are venturing outside your own Site after 11:00 pm, BRACELETS MUST BE WORN (Management and staff will ask for bracelets). These bracelets are reusable and transferable. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BRACELET; there is a $175.00 charge to replace any lost bracelet. No charge to replace broken bracelets returned to the office. Additional seasonal activity bracelets may be purchased for $175.00 per season. Day activity bracelets may be purchased at the office for the current Visitor Day Pass rate. Failure to display an appropriate bracelet may result in loss of privileges or eviction from the Resort. Seasonal Activity Bracelets must be returned to the office if the Resident has sold his/her Seasonal Agreement or is vacating the Resort.

Personal Injury & Property: Under no circumstances will Lilac Resort Ltd., its officers and employees be liable for injury to persons, including Residents and their guests or invitees or licensees, or for any loss or property damage due to fire, theft, accident, or Act of God. Residents must determine to what extent of insurance is required to protect themselves and their guests against such a loss. If the Resident’s RV(s) is not insured thru MPI then the Resident must insure the RV(s), including any other structures on the site, with private insurance and must show proof of insurance when requested by Management.

Seasonal Agreement: Each Seasonal Agreement term is a separate transaction and Residents must report to the office at the beginning of every season to sign a Seasonal Agreement. The Seasonal Agreement allows 6 months residency from April 15 to October 15 and 6 months storage from October 15 to April 15. The Seasonal Agreement is renewable every year and in all instances in addition to the Seasonal Rate, all transactions, privileges, GST, municipal or similar taxes applicable to the Seasonal Rate shall be payable on the Arrival Date at the Resort office without notice or demand and payment forwarded by mail shall be deemed unpaid until it is received and processed by Management. Management may at the Arrival Date, increase the Seasonal Rate to compensate Management for increases in Management’s costs of insurances, taxes, salaries, contracted services and utility rate increases. The Seasonal Rate may be paid by cash, cheque, debit card, Visa or MasterCard. Payment plan options are available.

Late Charges: 30 day terms. In addition to all other rights and remedies of Management and without prejudice to Management’s right to terminate the renewal of the Seasonal Agreement for non-payment of the Seasonal Rate, deposit, municipal taxes, etc., a late payment fee of $20.00 per month will be charged for past due accounts over $300.00, $10.00 per month will be charged for past due accounts over $100.00 and $5.00 per month for past due accounts under $100.00. (There will be no late payment fee for past due accounts of $10 or less). All accounts must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to the subsequent year’s Arrival Date. Noncompliance gives Management the right to terminate the renewal of the Seasonal Agreement which may result in an eviction and a request for the removal of all contents on the Site or entitle Management to seize all contents on the Site as security for the Seasonal Rate.

Security for Rental: Failure on the part of the Resident to pay the Seasonal Rate as specified under this agreement shall entitle the Management to seize all merchandise and materials on the site and to retain same as security for any unpaid Seasonal Rate amount owing hereunder. Upon the expiration of thirty days after such seizer, the Management shall have the right to dispose of same without notice to the Resident in such a manner as the Management, in its absolute discretion, deems appropriate, whether by public or private sale and thereafter the Management shall be absolutely entitled to, firstly, apply any such proceeds to the balance of any amounts owing by the Resident at the date of the sale, and secondly, to the payment of all legal costs, on a solicitor client basis, incurred by the Management in order to obtain payment of any amount owing herein.

Termination of Seasonal Agreement: Each Seasonal Agreement term is a separate transaction. The Resident or Management may choose to terminate the renewal of the Seasonal Agreement and in all instances notification of cancellation must be sent and/or received within 14 days prior to the Seasonal Agreement’s arrival date. The Resident’s RV and personal property must be removed from the site on or before the arrival date. Any additional rental or extension will be at the current daily rental rates posted for that amount of additional time.

Refunds: There will be no refunds for early departures or evictions. Refunds will be given to Residents only for certain Medical or Emergency reasons. The Seasonal Rate will be prorated using the current daily, weekly, and monthly rates in effect at the time of failing to complete the term. Refund will require written proof of emergency or doctor’s notice. Management may offset costs and charges against any refunds due to the Resident. Each Rental Agreement term is a separate transaction. Any additional rental or extension will be at the current daily rental rates posted for that amount of additional time.

Municipal Taxes: RVs, guest houses, add-ons, cook sheds, storage sheds, guest restrooms and decks on the Site which are assessed by the province and taxed by the RM of Ste. Anne will be charged to the Resident and in all instances, the Municipal Tax shall be payable on the Arrival Date. Seasonal Sites are reassessed every spring by Manitoba Municipal Government Assessment Services. Residents who make changes to their site (adding or removing a structure) are required to complete an “RV & Building on Site Form”. Residents who do not comply will be assessed a service fee by Management for completing this form on their behalf. RVs insured by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) will not be assessed providing that the proper validation sticker and plate is made visible (back of RV or front window) to Management and/or the Municipal Assessment Officer prior to June 1st of each year. RVs which are assessed because Management or assessor could not find plate or sticker will be the Resident’s responsibility and the amount owing to be paid to Management.

Selling Seasonal Agreement and Site Contents: The selling of the Seasonal Agreement and contents on a Site such as RV, guest house, deck, shed, etc. is a courtesy offered to the Resident by Management so that Residents can receive a return on their investment. The opportunity to sell the Seasonal Agreement and contents on a Site is offered as a privilege and is not a right or condition of agreement. In all incidents, Residents must first be approved by Management. Selling price must be set at a fair market value and must be approved by management. Please call the office or stop at the office and request to see the manager. Residents who make a sale but have not obtained Management’s consent risk having that sale revoked. Management will not permit the Seasonal Agreement and site contents to be placed for sale if the Resident has received a Notice of Eviction or a Notice of Termination of Seasonal Agreement or if the Seasonal Rate, Municipal Taxes, and any other outstanding balance have not been paid in full. RV, guest houses, decks, sheds, etc. of inadequate appearance or excessive age cannot be sold to remain in the Resort. To help maintain the appearance of the Resort, “FOR SALE” signs may be posted on the lot or RV — not on the streets — or listed on the park bulletin boards. PLEASE NOTE: Management retains the right to accept or refuse a sale.

Purchasing Rental Agreement and Site Contents: When purchasing a Seasonal Agreement and existing contents on a Site at Lilac Resort, the purchaser is buying the right to the Seasonal Agreement and the contents only, not the Site. All Seasonal Sites are leased with an annual renewal. The prospective new Seasonal Resident must be approved by Management, review, understand and agree to the Seasonal Terms & Conditions by signing Lilac Resort’s Seasonal Agreement. Please confirm with Management that the seller has obtained approval to sell and that the Seasonal Rate, Municipal Taxes, and any other outstanding balance have been paid in full. The marketplace has a “let the buyer beware” attitude so it is wise to review carefully before completing any transaction. Delinquent rents or municipal taxes will become the responsibility of the new owner. PLEASE NOTE: Management retains the right to accept or refuse a purchase.

Site Occupancy: Only one RV (travel trailer, motor home, or park model), one guest house or add-on, one cook shed, one storage shed, one wood shelter and one guest restroom shall be allowed on each campsite. Mobile homes and cabins in place of an RV are prohibited. A second RV unit instead of a guest house may be allowed providing permission has been obtained from Management. Residents who exceeded the above allowable limits prior to the 2014 amended Terms & Conditions will be “Grandfathered In”. Residents who do not adhere to the above conditions will be asked to remove the building or RV from the Resort.

Parking: Each Site was originally provided with adequate space for one vehicle. In most circumstances there is room for two vehicles. Additional vehicles should be parked in the designated parking areas. Car passes when provided must be displayed at all times in the front window of your vehicle. Anyone parking in such a manner as to block the driveway of a neighbouring site or impede the flow of traffic shall be asked to move the vehicle immediately.

Guest Houses & Other Additions: A “Building Request Form” (available at the resort office) must be completed and approval from Management must be obtained for all buildings, additions, decks and fences before the commencement of any construction or exterior modifications to ensure all Resort rules and specifications are being adhered to. In addition, as per the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne building by-law no. 3-209 (, all guest houses and add-ons require a “Building Permit” from the RM of Ste. Anne. A building permit is not required for a detached accessory storage building not greater than 200 sq. ft. in building area e.g. wood, metal and plastic sheds. Cook sheds, guest restrooms, screened gazebos, fences, concrete blocks and paving stones are also exempt. As per the Resort, no buildings can be greater than 200 sq. ft. (10’ x 20’) in building area (foot print). Guest houses, add-ons, cook sheds, storage sheds, guest restrooms and wood decks must be built to be movable off the Resort without the removal of any trees, underbrush, or any damage to the Site or Resort roadways. Electrical wiring for all buildings must be done by or inspected by a qualified electrician. Guest Houses must be free standing, not attached to an RV, have a 4/12 roof pitch and must strictly be only one floor, no loft. Add-ons must be free standing and cannot have a roof height greater than 3’ above the RV and cannot extend more than 2’ over the RV. Roofs built completely over an RV are not permitted. Guest Houses and add-a-rooms built prior to these amended Terms & Conditions will be “Grandfathered In”. Guest Houses & other additions must have visual appeal and be finished with some form of siding or painted. Residents who do not adhere to the above conditions will be asked to make the appropriate modifications or to remove the building from the Resort. Railway ties, fences, poured concrete pads, fireplaces and planted trees become the property of the Resort in the event that a Resident decides to vacate their Site or are evicted from the Resort.

Power Tools & Chain Saws: Power tools and hammering will only be allowed from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the months of June, July, and August. No chain saws allowed in the months of June, July, and August other than the ones used by Park Maintenance.

Trees & Underbrush: The clearing of trees and underbrush is strictly forbidden without prior consent from Management. Non-compliance may result in your eviction from the Park or a fine of up to $500.00. Upon Management approval, any tree that has to be cut down in order to make room for larger RVs, buildings and additions must be replaced with the planting of another tree.

Satellite Dishes: Under no circumstance will trees be cut down for satellite dishes. Dishes are not to be erected on the Resort roadway unless permission has been granted from Management.

Hydro: Every site is supplied with 30 amp service (with the exception of Outback Lane). This is the power required for RV’s and Park Models. If breakers kick off because of an overload of appliances, the Resident will be required to reduce their power demand. In no circumstances will Management increase the power supply. So please do not ask. Power will be turned on to each site on April 15 of each year (weather permitting). Power will be turned off at each site on October 15 of each year. It is the Residents’ responsibility to ensure that all perishable goods have been removed before October 15th. Residents requesting to have electric power between October 15 and April 15 must inform Management and a fee of $20.00 a day will be applied to the Residents’ account. Tampering with park breakers, electrical service connections, or other park utility connections is strictly forbidden. Please contact the Management in case of trouble. Air condition units and heaters are not allowed in guest houses which are not insulated.

Winter Use: FromOctober 15 to April15the Resort is closed. Residents are permitted to visit their Site, however we ask that you please call or e-mail the office prior to doing so. If you need electric power, additional charges will apply (see Hydro). Be prepared to walk in, entrance gate may be closed or roads may be impassable. Snowmobiles are permitted but must be registered and licensed. Snowmobile riding in the Resort is at your own risk.

Fridges & Freezers: Must be placed in an enclosed structure away from the direct heat of the sun. Residents who have an operating fridge or freezer outside of an enclosed structure will be charged an additional $25.00 per season. Air condition units, heaters and patio lights on timers should be turned off when you are away. Please turn patio lights off before retiring for the night. Management asks for your cooperation with these above regulations in order to conserve energy and keep electrical costs down.

Patio Lights & Decorations: When installing patio lights, care should be taken so the trees are not harmed. Do not encircle a tree with a clothes line or wire as this chokes the tree. Use old garden hose or other method that will protect the tree. When hanging up decorations, do not put nails in the trees, this causes diseases. Patio lights, nails and other objects that can harm the trees will be removed by Management.

Resident Owned Hot Tubs: Hot Tubs owned by the Resident or rented from a third party will not be allowed on a Resident’s site unless the Resident can provide a copy of proof of liability insurance has been purchased. Fiberglass Hot Tubs require a building permit from the RM of Ste. Anne and will be approved by Management providing that the current power supply to the site is adequate. Electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician. Hot Tubs must have a safety cover that is lockable when not in use. $200.00 per year will be charged to the Resident’s account for the additional electrical use. Residents who do not adhere to the above conditions will be asked to remove the Hot Tub from the Resort.

Picnic Tables: Only one Resort owned picnic table is permitted per Site. For special occasions more tables are available at your request.

Septic Tanks: Residents must be careful of items flushed into the septic system, i.e. Sanitary Napkins, diapers, etc. should never be flushed down a toilet.

Site Maintenance: Each Resident is responsible for maintaining a neat and clean appearance of their Site. Tarps over RVs or any building structure on the Site is not permitted unless during the storage season or for a very temporary period such as waiting for or during roof repairs. No open storage is allowed. If personal property is stored under the RV, adequate skirting must be installed. Management reserves the right to clean Sites and assess Residents if Sites are not kept clean and weeded. Site beautification is encouraged. Management will remove bush trimmings and fire pit debris only. All other trimmings, weeds, etc. are the responsibility of the Resident. Our insurance policy does not allow tools or equipment to be loaned from Lilac Resort. Herbicides used to control weeds must not be applied without prior approval from Management. Car washing, oil changes, and car repairs are not allowed on Sites, on the street or elsewhere in the Resort.

Garbage Collection: Trash collection at the Garbage Stations will be on Monday and Friday mornings in May and June, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings in July and August, Monday mornings in September. All garbage must be placed in garbage bags and deposited at the designated Garbage Stations.

Residents who prefer to leave garbage to be picked up at the front of their site; this service is available from 9 AM to 6 PM, May to September only and providing garbage is placed in large plastic garbage bags. No small garbage bags, no loose garbage or tiny bags with dog feces. Residents who do not abide by these conditions may be subject to an additional pick-up service charge ($2.00 per bag/item). If you have fire pit debris, furniture, appliances or other large items to be trashed, notify the office and maintenance staff will assist you. During the storage season of October 15 to April 15 please bring your garbage back home with you.

Children & Youth: Lilac Resort is a Family Resort which welcomes children of all ages. Children and youth under the age of 18 are permitted on property with adequate adult supervision only. At no time should children or youth be left on their own. Residents are responsible for the care and actions of their children and youth or any child and youth left in their care at all times. Uncontrolled destructive and/or abusive children or youth will not be tolerated by the Management and may result in their being banned from the park or in your eviction.

Curfew: The Lilac Resort has an 11:00 pm curfew for children and youth. No loitering, no bike riding. Children and youth must be at a designated campsite and under adult supervision. Violators of this rule will be returned to their parents or those responsible for their supervision. Frequent violators will not be tolerated and it may result in their being banned from the Resort.

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted on the Resort property; however Lilac Resort is a family resort and therefore we ask all our Residents and their guests to drink responsibly. Drunken, disruptive, and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. In accordance with government regulations, minors under 18 years of age are not permitted to consume alcohol on the Resort property. Residents who are in violation of these terms may be banned or evicted from the Resort and subsequently face charges.

Smoking: Smoking is permitted in public areas on the Resort property; however Lilac Resort is a family resort and therefore we ask all our Residents and their guests to be respectful when requested by another Resident or guest not to smoke in their presence. The Tiki Bar deck in the Water Park is designated as a smoking area.

Rental of RV: The Site shall be used solely for recreational purposes and occupied only by the Resident and their dependents. Rental of property is prohibited. Friends or relatives may occupy an RV in the Resident’s absence, but must register at the office with proof of permission from the Resident.

Visiting Guests: All guests are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Resort and the registered Resident will be held responsible and accountable for their guest’s actions. Guests are not allowed to park an RV on a Resident’s Site without prior consent from Management. If permission is obtained, the regular overnight fee will apply.

Security Guards: Will be on duty and will patrol the Resort on weekends in May and September, seven days a week in June, July, and August. Security Guard shifts will begin at 8:00 pm and they will be available for assistance until the early hours of the morning. If you witness suspicious behaviour or would like their assistance, please call the Security Guard office (located at the front entrance gate) at (204) 422-4054. We ask that you please respect the Security Guards, enforcing rules and regulations is not an easy job and disrespect towards them will not be tolerated. If you have a complaint regarding the Security Guards, please notify Management.

Entrance Gate: Will be closed from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. Only Residents and registered guests will be allowed to enter with their vehicles after 8:00 pm and those entering must sign in with the security guard. Visitors arriving after 8:00 pm must park outside the gates (exceptions will be made for visitors with disabilities). Please Note: Guards go on patrol, if you find there is no guard at the gate, please wait or park outside of the gated area (DO NOT RAISE THE GATE OR HONK YOUR HORN). Visitors will not be allowed into the Resort after 11:00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made with the office or security. Early spring and late fall, prior to the commencement of security guards, the gate may be open later than 8:00 pm but no later than 11:00 pm, after 8:00 pm be prepared to park outside the gated area.

Exit Gate: Exit gate opens automatically upon detection of a vehicle. When exiting the Resort, always exit to the right by way of the service road. Do not attempt to allow a vehicle to enter the Resort by activating the exit gate.

Video Surveillance Cameras: Located at the Resort entrance and exit gates, the office/store, throughout the water park, playground, and various buildings and street locations. These cameras are in place for the protection of our Residents and Guests and the prevention of theft, vandalism or other crimes.

Low Noise Level: Please remember the proximity of your neighbours. Blaring radios, television sets, wind chimes, and mosquito zappers can be annoying. High level of noises emanating from people, radios, and pets which result in complaints will be dealt with promptly. No excessive noise between the hours of 11:00 pm and 8:00 am. After 11:00 pm please keep radios and voices down. Management and/or Security Guards may at their own discretion ask that radios be turned off or disperse a group gathering.

Street Safety: The speed limit throughout the Resort is 20 KM/h. This rule applies to all vehicles. Remember this is a Family Resort and there are lots of children. Please observe all Stop Signs. Both motorists and bicyclists are expected to use caution and observe Provincial regulations. In a family park such as Lilac Resort, caution is imperative to assure a maximum consideration for all persons, whether driving or walking. Stop signs are not displayed to slow traffic —they are meant to STOP traffic. No Joy Riding in the Resort at any time. Dangerous drivers and frequent violators of the Resort speed limit will be evicted.

Bicycles: Management encourages the use of bikes for fun and exercise. All bike riders must use caution and care when riding. Parents make sure your children are aware of the danger of blind circumstances. Make sure that they don’t rely on the stop signs; some people may not obey them. Bike riders, as well as vehicle drivers, must yield right of way to pedestrians. Bicycles must be parked in stands provided and should never block or impede or prevent easy access to the pools, office or washrooms. Please Note: Bicycles that block or impede traffic will be collected by maintenance staff and stored away in the Resort compound. Confiscated bicycles may be retrieved from the Resort office. A $5.00 service fee per bicycle will be applied to your account. Advise your children of this rule.

ATVs/Golf Carts: In addition to the above Street Safety rules the following conditions must be adhered to in order to operate within the Resort grounds. ATVs (including pocket quads) must be registered and licensed. The driver must be at least 16 yrs. of age and hold a valid driver’s license. No joy riding in the Resort and in the ditch or service road in front of the Resort. All ATVs/Golf Carts if used after dusk must be equipped with adequate lighting. From 11:00 pm to 8:00 am ATVs and gas powered golf carts are to be parked. During entertainment events (excluding movie nights) at the main stage, ATV’s/Golf Carts must park outside of the marked perimeter. Violators of these rules will have their ATV/Golf Cart banned from the Resort.

Dirt Bikes: Dirt bikes (including pocket dirt bikes) once started must be driven away from the Resort. No joy riding in the ditch or service road in front of the Resort. From 11:00 pm to 8:00 am Dirt Bikes are to be parked. If these rules are not adhered to, your dirt bike will be banned from the Resort.

Fireworks & Firecrackers: Firecrackers are strictly forbidden. Fireworks may be allowed for special occasions. You must have the Manager’s consent prior to the shooting of any fireworks. Violators of this condition risk being evicted from the Resort.

Pets: Pets are welcome. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and owners must clean up after them. Do not leave small bags of dog feces in front of your site or in front of any other site or building, please deposit in a larger garbage bag or garbage container. No pets are allowed in the pool area or campground buildings. Barking dogs or those, of which complaints are received, will be dealt with promptly. Residents, who cannot contain their dogs from disturbing others or dogs that the Manager deems as dangerous to the wellbeing of other Residents, will be asked to remove their pets from the Resort.

Commercialism: Residents will be provided a resort free of soliciting and other commercial advertising. Please notify the office if solicitors are in the Resort and Management will inform them of this policy. Commercial Sales Representatives will not be permitted to set up public demonstrations of commercial products without specific Management authorization. Residents may advertise items for sale on our Resort bulletin boards provided for this purpose, located in the water park and front washroom building. Any advertising must be authorized at the office.

Laundry: Please observe all specifically posted instructions for equipment operations and facility care. Promptly remove your laundry so others may use the equipment. Leaving laundry in the laundry room unattended is not recommended, and is at your own risk of loss or damage. Please do not dry shoes, sandals, or clothing with heavy or sharp objects in the dryers.

Amenities/Facilities: Please remember that all amenities are on a seasonal, weather dependent schedule. The entertainment/activities, pools/waterslides, and concessions/store are on a full schedule throughout July/August. Limited hours of operation of facilities and services are available in the spring and fall. We reserve the right to close any facilities due to weather conditions or for Health and Safety reasons without prior notice.

Water Park: Read and obey all posted signs and obey instructions given by the pool staff. Visit our web site to view a complete list of our water park rules or obtain a copy of the document from the Resort office.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED): Located in the Water Park on the south side of the Willies Snack Shack; after Water Park hours call security.

Fun Makers: All activities at Lilac Resort are under the supervision of our Fun Makers team. Activities will be organized for all ages and times and location will be posted. Questions or suggestions regarding activities or programs should be directed to this team or at the office.

Entertainment & Movies: Wednesday night movies, Thursday night games, and weekend entertainment throughout June, July and August. Visit our website or get the summer line up from the office. Activity Bracelets must be worn.

Trout Fishing: Catch and release only, further rules and information available at the office. Activity Bracelets must be worn.

Peddle Boats: Read and obey all posted signs and obey instructions given by the boat staff. Activity Bracelets must be worn.